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Here's a sampling to get you on your way for a quick bite to eat, or when you need to entertain a client.
Name Address Phone Number Website
Devon & Blakely 1801 Market Street 215-575-9111 Click Here
Marathon Grill 1818 Market Street 215-561-1818 Click Here
Salad Works 1760 Market Street 215-561-1772 Click Here
Cosi Sandwich Bar 1700 Market Street 215-569-2833 Click Here
Parc 227 S. 18th Street 215-545-2262 Click Here
Continental Midtown 1801 Chestnut Street 215-567-1800 Click Here
DiBruno's 1730 Chestnut Street 215-665-9220 Click Here
Ruby Tuesday’s 1625 Chestnut Street 215-568-6081 Click Here
a.kitchen + bar 135 South 18th Street 215-825-7030 Click Here
Barclay Prime 237 S. 18th Street 215-732-7560 Click Here
Rouge 205 South 18th Street 215-732-6622 Click Here
CHOPS Restaurant 1701 JFK Boulevard 215-567-7111 Click Here
LaCroix 210 W Rittenhouse Sq. 215-790-2533 Click Here
Matyson 37 S. 19th Street 215-564-2925 Click Here
Tria 18th and Sansom Streets 215-972-8742 Click Here
The Dandelion Pub 18th and Sansom Streets 215-558-2500 Click Here
Vernick Food & Drink 2031 Walnut Street 267-639-6644 Click Here
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