- Technology – Ten Penn Center


Everyone knows internet connectivity drives business. That’s why our tenants can rely on a best-in-class digital infrastructure that supports their operations.

Ten Penn Center is proud to offer superior broadband internet connectivity and diversity.

We provide tenants access to multiple high-quality internet service providers and a variety of cabling types, including fiber. The infrastructure measures in place ensure connectivity sources are protected, redundant and prepared to meet the needs of current and future tenants.

Key features of connectivity include:

  • Seven fiber providers that offer dedicated, business-grade internet access with guaranteed upload and download speeds
  • Redundancy provided in the form of multiple Points of Entry on different sides of the building, which allows tenants the ability to purchase physically diverse primary and back-up internet connections
  • Additional riser capacity available to support future needs of tenants and ISPs throughout the entire building
  • Housing of telecom equipment in a protected space, separate from other utilities, reducing the potential for service disruption
  • Documented agreements in place with carriers to support seamless and timely provision of services to tenants
  • Coaxial cabling to provide bundled phone, cable TV and basic internet
  • Dedicated risers to contain and protect telecom cables from risk of damage

Available ISPs

Cable Type
Network Type
Cable Distribution
AT&T Fiber Type 1 Partial Coverage
Cogent Fiber Type 1 Partial Coverage
Comcast Coaxial Phone or Cable Full Coverage
Comcast Business Fiber Type 1 Full Coverage
Level 3 Fiber Type 1 Full Coverage
Lightower Fiber Type 1 Partial Coverage
Verizon Copper Phone or Cable Full Coverage
Verizon Fiber Type 1 Full Coverage
Verizon Enterprise Fiber Type 1  Partial Coverage